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By A Correspondent

Sir Andy Chande gets Grand Master’s Order of Service to MASONRY

THE institution of Freemasonry evolved from the guilds of stonemasons and cathedral builders of the Middle Ages. With the decline of cathedral building, some lodges of operative masons began to accept honorary members to bolster their declining membership. From a few of these lodges, developed modern Freemasonry, which particularly in the 17th, and 18th centuries, adopted the rites and trappings of religious orders, and chivalric brotherhoods.

In 1717, the first Grand Lodge was founded in England. Freemasonry was spread by the advance of the British Empire and remains most popular in the British Isles and in other countries originally within the Empire. Tanzania’s only genuine “Sir”, a title conferred on him by Queen Elizabeth the II in the year 2004, recently flew to London, where he was awarded one of the most prestigious titles in the list of Masonic orders. The award citation follows.

THE Grand Master’s Order of Service to Masonry has been awarded to R W Bro. Jayantilal Keshavji Chande KBE, PdistGM East and presented to him by the Pro Grand Master, Most Worshipful Bro The Marquess of Northampton. The citation follows:

Bro. Jayantilal Keshavji Chande, known affectionately throughout most of the English Constitution as “Andy Chande,” was made a Mason in October, 1954, at the age of 25, in Guiding Star Lodge, No. 5299, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa, and became its Master in 1967. He is, or has been as Master of many of them, including Jubilee Masters’ Lodge, No.2712, in London. He was exalted into the Royal Arch in Guiding Star Chapter, No. 5299 in 1956, served as its First Principal in 1971 and is a member of four other Chapters.

In his public life, Bro. Chande is a prominent Tanzanian businessman, and has also served as a member of the Executive Council of that country prior to Independence from the United Kingdom. In 2003 he was made an Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in recognition of his many services to the community. And his contribution to the relationship between the United Kingdom and Tanzania. In January2005 he was one of only fifteen to receive from the President of India the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award, conferred annually by him on Indians of the Diaspora for their international support. Moreover he has also been active over the past 50 years in community and welfare organizations, is a former World President of the Round Table and is heavily involved with the Rotary Foundation.

Bro. Chande was first appointed to District Grand Rank in 1972 when he held the office of District Grand Standard Bearer in both Craft and Royal Arch. From the time was promoted to District Senior Grand Deacon in 1975. Until he retired after 19 years as District Grand Master in April 2005, he continuously held active Office in the District of Fast Africa— a Span of some 30 years. He cannot lay claim In the same unbroken record in the Royal Arch, since he relinquished office as Deputy Grand Superintendent in 1988 to concentrate on the Craft; but he has spent three and a half years, ending in September 2005 as Grand Superintendent.

Meanwhile he received as succession of appointments in Grand Rank in both the Craft and the Royal Arch.

In 1986 he Was appointed District Grand Master, and in 2002 Grand Superintendent. During his years in office he has maintained both the Craft and Royal Arch in a very healthy state. Moreover, it is but one of his many achievements that he has secured the successful integration of his District, itselt composed of Brethren of many and diverse faiths, in to their local communities in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and the Seychelles, In relinquishing office, Bro. Chande has handed on to his successor a District that is numerically strong and is well placed to move forwrad in the twenty-first century. He is held in universal respect and esteem throughout Africa and has brought, and continues to bring, great credit to English Freemasonry.


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